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Only for the clever and analytical mind

Who Is Sitting on the Chair of Peter? Volume 1

A highly explosive reading! If, in view of the media spectacle put on by the Vatican, doubts should come up as to what all that has in the least to do with Jesus, the Christ, we become all the more incensed to learn the extent to which the teaching and structure of the Church directly stems from pagan idolatry. A “Christian” mantle has been draped over this cult of idolatry, thus, effectively duping mankind over the centuries and still today. The Church interferes mightily, not only in the life of the individual but in all aspects of public life – by threatening the eternal torments of hell for all those who do not subjugate themselves to it. This has not the least to do with Jesus, the Christ, with His simple teaching and original, early Christianity!

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You, the Animal - You, the Human Being
Which Has Higher Values?

Did you know that our animal brothers and sisters take in the odor of our feelings, thoughts and words via scent-pictures - and behave accordingly?
And that we can establish direct communication with them via the input of sound-picture messages?

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The Bible was falsified
JEROME, The Church Falsifier of the Bible

"In reality, no original ever existed, neither a New Testament text nor any biblical book at all was preserved in its original text form. Nor do first copies exist. There are only copies of copies of copies. Today's text of the New Testament is a mixed text, pasted together from various writings that had been passed down."

Karl-Heiz Deschner, renown church historian, "Again, the Cock Crowed."

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Gabriele Letter No. 4

The Word of God, the Law of Love and Unity and Those Without Rights on this Earth

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  Free Publications

The Prophet Series

The voice of the heart,
the eternal truth, the eternal law of God,
given by the prophetess of God for our time

The fundamental issues of our time to think about and to serve in self-recognition

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Gabrielle Letters

The Gabriele Letters are meant to make alert people aware of how weak in character and schizophrenic our society has become and that the majority of people, thoughtlessly and with dulled senses, accept everything that the upper ranks of society prescribe. ...
The Gabriele Letters do not want to influence any person - they stimulate a person to find himself and evaluate what he finds, so that the one who views the doings in this world with more alert eyes can give his life an orientation.

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Other free publications

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Special Attraction !
Gabriele, the prophetess and
spiritual ambassador of God at this time,
received the following message
from the Eternal One on February 27, 2001, which she herewith passes on to her fellow man
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Radio Programs

Radio Santec
The Cosmic Wave
The Word
The Universal Spirit

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amsel.gif (13975 Byte) HOME FOR ANIMALS -

Since 1996 animal friends have taken the task of giving many animals, large and small, a home where they can live until their life reaches its natural end, without fear of being slaughtered.

Home for Animals

Book of the Year

What was, what is and what will be. Shaking in its message, fascinating in its prophetic language.

Full of promise and shaking in its message, a fascinating and clear prophetic language is used in this book. How did Jesus really live and what did He say 2000 years ago? What does Jesus say today to animal abuse, to the exploitation of nature, to war, peace, reincarnation, ethics and morals, and much more? Christ fills in the missing links and clarifies what has been misinterpreted and passed on. The reader experiences the divine laws as they can only be told by the Spirit of God, Himself. It is an overpowering view of what was, of what is and of what will be.

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